Transforming Critical Infrastructure Defence With CDeX

Discover CDeX, the training platform for critical infrastructure protection. Take advantage of its advanced simulations, scenarios, and training modules to fortify your defences and stay ahead.

Secure Your Infrastructure with CDeX
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Navigating Cybersecurity Challenges

The critical infrastructure sector faces a myriad of challenges in today’s digital landscape. From sophisticated cyberattacks to regulatory compliance, safeguarding these vital systems is paramount.

CDeX is the answer to those challenges!

Our automated cyber range offers a comprehensive solution, equipping organizations with advanced simulations, real-world threat scenarios, and expert training to mitigate risks effectively, ensuring the resilience of critical infrastructure.

Diving into CDeX's Key Features

What Sets CDeX Cyber Range Apart?

Isolated Environment for SCADA Attack Simulation

CDeX provides the capability to extensively train against SCADA attacks within a secure, isolated environment.

Performance Scoring

CDeX employs automized scoring to precisely evaluate the effectiveness of your team’s responses, helping you comprehend their proficiency.

Isolation of Training Sessions

Training sessions within CDeX are isolated, ensuring the utmost security for your critical infrastructure as you prepare your team without compromising safety.


Find Out What Our Clients Think About Cooperating With Us

The CDeX platform is easily one of the most complete and user-friendly full network simulation platform.

Victor Seiji Hariki Cybersecurity Specialist, KRYPTUS

CDeX opens up new possibilities in teaching methods and significantly reduces the preparation time of laboratories for groups of students with different levels of advancement in cybersecurity.

Prof. Maciej Sułowicz Cracow University of Technology

Thanks to the CDeX platform, our national Cyber Security exercises have become more engaging and convenient.

Deividas Stumbras Acting Director of NCSC

CDeX, a platform that combines the solutions pioneering with knowledge of the most versatile ways of cyber-attack, overcomes the learning’s traditional barriers through a multitude of available solutions by offering to teachers and students the ability to learn, practice and to excel into an outstanding learning and collaborative engaging environment.

Florin Postolache Academia Navala "Mircea cel Batran" Constanta

Modern warfare encompasses more than conventional weaponry. It involves a clash of technologies, processes, and competencies. This is why training the next generation of cybersecurity professionals is of immense importance. In this context, the role of the cyber range becomes pivotal, where ‘red’ and ‘blue’ teams compete in virtual attack and defence scenarios, meticulously working through diverse real-world situations.

Valeriy Tsiupa President of the International Cyber Academy
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