About CDeX

Discover our mission and history.

Why a Cyber Range?

Most Advanced Cybersecurity Training Platform

A cyber range supports an organization at every step of its day-to-day operations. From finding the right specialists, through upskilling, conducting research and development projects, all the way to testing Incident Response processes.

CDeX is an advanced training platform and lab offering a fully scalable, automated and hyperrealistic training environment. It allows you to build cyber defence competencies and acquire skills in live cyberwarfare conditions.

Our Mission

To make the world a safer place through supporting organizations in hiring and developing the best cybersecurity professionals.

The Beginning of a New Cybersecurity Era

Back in 2016, CDeX started out as a project within Vector Synergy, as a technology company offering advanced solutions in the field of cybersecurity.

We have created a one of a kind, cyber range, which helps organizations improving their cyber resilience. Our platform offers a simulation environment with real-world training scenarios and testing solutions. CDeX supports three main areas – security assessment, skill development and research & development. 


Here are the most important moments throughout CDeX’s history.

18.09.2015  First commit to the CDeX code repository
13.12.2017 First client joined our journey
30.06.2022 CDeX becomes a separate entity from its parent company
18.05.2023 Work on a research grant begins

We’re creating a first true AI-powered cyber range.

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