Cyber Readiness Explained

Cyber readiness is a metric of organizational ability to protect their assets. It is calculated based on the individual performance during realistic attack simulations on the CDeX platform.
Boost your organization's cyber readiness with our advanced program. Achieve heightened readiness, minimize incident risks, enhance team competencies, optimize processes, and make informed business decisions. Evaluate and elevate your cyber posture for maximum business value.

Step 1: Connect for an Evaluation of Your Cyber Team

By choosing our services, you benefit from advanced solutions, including cyberattack simulations tailored to each employee's role, real-time readiness assessment, and individual and team reports. Our offer provides access to flexibility, role customization, and support and consultations from cybersecurity experts. By selecting cyber training with CDeX, you will get to know the strengths and weaknesses of your cybersecurity team. Find out who needs more training, and what vacancies need to be filled within your first line of defence.

Step 2: Send Us the List of Your Needs

After placing your order, expect a short, 15-minute call from one of our experts. We will need some more specific information about your organization and cybersecurity measures you already have in place. This allows us to tailor the training program to the specific needs of your team and identify key areas for development.

Step 3: Assess Company's Cyber Readiness

Within 24 hours of receiving the participants list, we will contact you to schedule the date for conducting the cyber readiness assessment, utilizing the innovative solutions of our cyber range platform.

Step 4: Evaluate Incident Response Effectiveness

At the appointed time, we will conduct a series of trainings, using practical cyberattack simulations tailored to each employee's role. This way, each team member can test their skills in real-time in the context of specific cyber threats to the industry, and you get a performance report that is relevant to their role.

State-of-the-Art Evaluations

Your team's cyber prowess is put to the test through our evaluations, designed to mirror real-world scenarios. These simulations are not just assessments; they are a journey into the depths of your team's capabilities, resilience, and readiness to face industry-specific cyber challenges.

Step 5: The Results & Recommendations Regarding Further Training and Development

After completing the tests, you will receive a detailed report, analysing the results, highlighting your team's strengths and areas needing improvement. The report is based on the MITRE matrix, allowing for the visualization of areas for improvement and a detailed analysis of each participant's strengths and weaknesses.

What Does the Report and Training Include?

The report includes an automated skill assessment, a detailed analysis of the results, and a plan for improving outcomes. Additionally, as part of the Cyber Readiness offer, for a price of 900 euros per participant, we offer:

  • Automated skill assessment
  • A detailed report based on the MITRE matrix
  • Individual and team analysis
  • Interactive feedback and guidance
  • Tailoring of training to specific roles and responsibilities
  • Strengthening of the team's overall resilience to cyber threats
  • Planning for development and support in identifying and planning developmental actions
  • Support and consultations from cybersecurity experts

Our cyber readiness training is an investment in your company's security, providing practical tools for coping with the dynamically changing landscape of cyber threats.

Staying ahead of cyber threats is not just a necessity—it's an essential element of your business strategy. Our cyber readiness program is not just a solution; it's your strategic partner in navigating the complex world of cybersecurity. Tailored to empower your team and fortify your defences, our program is a testament to our commitment to your organization's resilience and success. Join us, and take the lead in shaping a secure, empowered future for your organization.

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