An increasingly common attack method is to try overloading the technical and infrastructure resources (databases, services, processors, etc.). We will check the resistance of your organization to such threats.

We perform resistance tests, during which we send large amounts of data towards the application or infrastructure, and then observe how the security measures blocking DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks work.

As a result of the tests you will receive recommendations for the necessary configuration changes of the applied anti-DDoS solutions.

The tests may include an attempt to attack the entire infrastructure or concern a single network or web application. During infrastructure tests, we generate network load through SYN Flood, ICMP Flood, UDP Flood.

For network application traffic, we can adapt to its communication protocol. When testing web applications, we generate network traffic through Slowloris or HTTP Flood attacks. In the test preparation phase, we map the web application and use the collected information to generate reliable HTTP traffic, as hard to distinguish from normal network traffic as possible. We can also profile the application to find places that generate a relatively large load for it.

During the tests we use our own infrastructure located in different countries and with multiple network providers. The tests are carried out using both fewer machines with higher capacity and bandwidth, as well as a large number of smaller machines.

DDoS attacks resistance tests benefits:

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