The Power of Pure Software

CDeX cyber range is a software-based solution that possesses a key advantage: it can be deployed on virtually any platform. This flexibility opens the door to various deployment options, enabling organizations to tailor their cybersecurity training environment to their specific needs.

Rapid Deployment: Cloud Takes the Lead

The deployment of the CDeX platform is known for its remarkable speed. In fact, it's so rapid that it often outpaces the time it takes for DevOps engineers to assemble and connect the hardware components required for hosting. This means that CDeX can be fully operational within a mere 24 hours, provided the environment is favourable.

On-Premise: Control and Data Sovereignty

The on-premise deployment of CDeX offers organizations a host of benefits, primarily centred around control and data sovereignty. Within your network perimeter, you have complete control over the platform. Data sovereignty is a key concern for many organizations, especially those subject to regulations that dictate where data can be stored and processed. With an on-premise solution, you can ensure that sensitive data stays within your physical control.

The On-Premise Hardware Layer

The physical hardware layer forms the foundation for an on-premise deployment. If you're most comfortable with this approach and want to maintain complete control, CDeX can be installed on your current servers, or the CDeX team can assist you in configuring a new set of machines capable of handling the training. This approach is ideal for organizations that prefer the tactile control and oversight of their infrastructure.

Cloud Deployment: Scalability and Convenience

The cloud deployment of CDeX offers a different set of advantages. For organizations looking for a more flexible, scalable solution without the need to own and manage physical machines, the cloud version is a perfect choice. CDeX is hosted on Azure, providing a robust and easily scalable environment for cybersecurity training. The cloud deployment is perfect for organizations that require the ability to auto-scale their resources to meet demand without the upfront investment in hardware.

The Verdict

In both on-premise and cloud deployments of CDeX cyber range, organizations gain access to the same, highly adaptable product. The only significant difference lies in where the platform is physically installed. Your choice should be driven by your specific needs and preferences.

If your organization places a premium on control, data sovereignty, and maintaining infrastructure within your own network, the on-premise solution may be the way to go. On the other hand, if you value scalability, flexibility, and the convenience of a cloud-based environment, the cloud deployment on Azure is an excellent choice.

In conclusion, CDeX cyber range's on-premise and cloud deployment options cater to a wide array of cybersecurity needs. It's a testament to the platform's adaptability and its commitment to providing organizations with the tools they need to enhance their security posture. Ultimately, the choice between on-premise and cloud deployment hinges on your organization's unique requirements and preferences, and either way, you're set to benefit from a powerful cybersecurity training solution.

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