Windows Exchange Attacks Scenario (SWEA)

This scenario simulates attacks targeting Microsoft Exchange servers, a critical component in many organizations' communication infrastructure. With updated operating systems, actions, and vulnerabilities, users can now hone their skills in detecting and mitigating Exchange-related threats effectively.

Windows Backdooring Scenario (SWB)

Backdoors represent a covert entry point for attackers into systems, posing a severe risk to data confidentiality and integrity. The updated SWB scenario enables users to explore the nuances of backdoor attacks on Windows systems, empowering them to strengthen their defence mechanisms.

Capture the Flag Alpha (SCTFA) Scenario

In the world of cybersecurity, Capture the Flag (CTF) exercises are invaluable for developing practical skills in identifying and exploiting vulnerabilities. The refreshed SCTFA scenario offers a dynamic environment for users to test their penetration testing prowess and strategic thinking.

New Scenarios Added to Our Platform 

We are also happy to announce, that our library has significantly grown this past few months. 3 more scenarios were added to the platform, and we still keep on working on creating more training opportunities for our partners and clients.

Windows AD Advanced Attacks Scenario (SWADA2) 

Active Directory (AD) serves as the backbone of many enterprise networks, making it a prime target for sophisticated cyber attacks. The more advanced SWADA2 scenario arms users with techniques to defend against AD-focused threats effectively.

Secure OT Architecture: Defence of SCADA/ICS Process Control Systems Scenario

Operational Technology (OT) environments, including Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) and Industrial Control Systems (ICS), are increasingly targeted by cyber adversaries. The enhanced scenario provides a comprehensive simulation of OT attacks, preparing users to safeguard critical infrastructure from cyber threats.

Capture The Flag Delta & Echo (SCTFD & SCTFE) Scenario

Building upon the success of our existing CTF scenarios, SCTFD and SCTFE introduce new challenges and complexities, challenging users to think outside the box and adopt innovative approaches to conquer the flags. These CFT scenarios not only test technical skills but also critical thinking and adaptability in the face of cyber challenges. 

With these updates, our platform now boasts a staggering 283 hours of training content, encompassing both atomized exercises and main scenarios. Whether you're a novice seeking to build foundational skills or a seasoned professional aiming to stay ahead of the latest threats, CDeX offers a comprehensive training experience tailored to your needs.

At CDeX, we remain committed to empowering cybersecurity professionals worldwide with the knowledge and tools they need to defend against evolving threats effectively. Join us on our mission to build a safer digital future, one scenario at a time.

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