Version 5.7.0: A Leap Forward

Streamlining Training Costs: A Strategic Approach

A significant change in version 5.7.0 allows for the use of fewer control machines during training, alongside an update to the control machine itself. This optimization enhances efficiency and simplifies the infrastructure.

Action System Enhancements

We've applied regular expression for triggering condition checks and added the capability for manual actions, allowing for more precise and timely operations.

Functional Improvements

Our latest release simplifies the process window, hides the scores table from users during training, and introduces a new status for unsent action requests. Additionally, we've removed unnecessary player buttons and streamlined the terms & conditions feature.

Technical Refinements

Version 5.7.0 also sees a shift from steps to timestamps in action requests, alongside improvements in model and search testing, versioning support, and simplified user role checks.

Version 5.7.1: Fine-tuning for Excellence

Operational Enhancements

The minor updates in version 5.7.1, including a lock on training during lengthy processes and improved action list sorting, aim to reduce support needs and enhance usability.

UI and Usability Improvements

We've increased default timeout values and introduced more informative naming for machine instances and routers, facilitating easier analysis and management.

Looking Ahead

Our team is proud of these updates and committed to further enhancing the CDeX platform. We believe these changes will significantly improve the efficiency, functionality, and user experience of CDeX. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to innovate and improve.

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