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NCI Agency Award
NCI Agency Award

“Innovation Challenge Top 10 Innovators”
Best Cyber-defence training platform

About CDEX

We want to make the world a safer place through supporting organizations in developing and hiring the best cybersecurity professionals.

CDeX (Cyber Defense eXercise Platform) is a virtual training platform used to increase cyber defence skills and develop cybersecurity technologies. Our advanced cyber range offers a fully scalable, automated and hyperrealistic training environment, which allows team members to build cyberdefence competence.

user segments

Who Can Benefit From Our Training Platform

National Defence and Military

Our platform assists national defence and military institutions in prompting further action towards secure digital infrastructures and effective cybersecurity strategies needed for the nation’s security.

Critical Infrastructure

As the threats against national critical infrastructure increase, especially against industrial control systems, make sure to protect your infrastructure with our advanced cybersecurity solution.

Business and Corporate

Develop and hire and increase your cyber defence capabilities to protect your business and your clients, as well as mitigate the risks of a successful cyberattack.

Educational Sector

Use our ideal educational tool for a higher education programme to equip your students with a practical cybersecurity skill set.

Key Features

What Sets CDeX Cyber Range Apart? 

Hyperrealistic Attack Simulations

Experience simulation of cyber warfare based on real threats using the Agent and Action technology. Test and experiment, searching for vulnerabilities in a contained and controlled lab environment that you create.

Simulate IT&OT Networks

Create your digital twin, recreate networks, subnetworks and machines, as well as IoT/SCADA devices and get your infrastructure up and running. You are only limited by the resources of your machine.

Automated Training Scenario Catalogue

Learn from a catalogue of built-in, atomized and automated scenarios with no need for a human Read Team, covering MITRE ATT&CK® matrix. Create your own scenarios with an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop scenario builder.

Develop, Manage and Hire

Identify and develop your staff competencies and plan their training path to equip them with the desired expertise. Take advantage of granular assessment scores that evaluate every trainee with a high level of detail.

Protect Your Organization

Work on new methods of detecting and mitigating attacks and improve operational readiness of products and technologies. Make sure to level the playing field by giving your specialists the practical know-how in stressful situations.

Ideal Academic Tool

Facilitate the acquisition of knowledge and skills and effectively prepare graduates for future employment & professional challenges. Europe’s top cybersecurity education institutions already trust CDeX.

No-limit Scalability

Adapt our platform to your needs thanks to the virtualization technology, which is vendor-agnostic and not linked to any commercial virtualization vendor and drives lower costs.  Whether you need a small local network or full corporate infrastructure with thousands of endpoints, we can support you.

100% Software Based Solution

Install our platform on virtually any type of hardware, and it will be available 24/7 right through your browser. No additional software or components needed to start your training!


Benefit from fully automated configuration, coordination and management of the platform, helping you to assess the competency of your employees & students.


Find Out What Our Clients Think about Cooperating With Us

The CDeX platform is easily one of the most complete and user-friendly full network simulation platform.

Victor Seiji Hariki Cybersecurity Specialist, KRYPTUS

CDeX, a platform that combines the solutions pioneering with knowledge of the most versatile ways of cyber-attack, overcomes the learning’s traditional barriers through a multitude of available solutions by offering to teachers and students the ability to learn, practice and to excel into an outstanding learning and collaborative engaging environment.

Florin Postolache Academia Navala "Mircea cel Batran" Constanta

CDeX opens up new possibilities in teaching methods and significantly reduces the preparation time of laboratories for groups of students with different levels of advancement in cybersecurity.

Prof. Maciej Sułowicz Cracow University of Technology

Modern warfare encompasses more than conventional weaponry. It involves a clash of technologies, processes, and competencies. This is why training the next generation of cybersecurity professionals is of immense importance. In this context, the role of the cyber range becomes pivotal, where ‘red’ and ‘blue’ teams compete in virtual attack and defence scenarios, meticulously working through diverse real-world situations.

Valeriy Tsiupa President of the International Cyber Academy

Thanks to the CDeX platform, our national Cyber Security exercises have become more engaging and convenient.

Deividas Stumbras Acting Director of National Cyber Security Centre, The Republic of Lithuania