Demo Training

Practice makes perfect.
Practical-based learning using a CDeX solution that fully immerses in a realistic environment prepares to face an attack.

A free DEMO training session is at your fingertips!


Demo training will familiarize you with our CDeX – the cyber range training platform where security professionals can train in a realistic environment to detect and respond to real threats.

Benefits of CDeX demo training:

How does the CDeX demo training look like?

The demo is designed to give you a taste of the functionality of the CDeX platform, but not only! It is based on the Capture the Flag (CTF) scenario, which is an extremely attractive form of training and testing your skills.

Capture the flag (CTF) – what is it?

The essence of Capture the Flag is to solve a variety of specially designed puzzles/tasks to find hidden flags. The main goal is to test your cyber security skills and knowledge. The thematic scope of all challenges is broad and includes categories such as:

What is a “flag”

A flag is nothing more than a string of characters that has a specific form (notation format). Each flag is assigned a point value, depending on the difficulty of the task.

Where to look for flags?

There are many ways to hide flags. Sometimes hints as to where to look for them can be found in the content of the task. This can be in source code, a file, a compiled application, a disk image, and many others. In the jeopardy CTF format, it is important to find as many of them as possible

Who is the Capture the Flag demo training for?

The CTF training is designed for all cybersecurity enthusiasts with basic knowledge of Linux:

There are two variants of Capture the Flag training, varying in difficulty and including the listed training materials:

CTF simple: a guide, a guide to connecting to VPN, example solutions

CTF advanced: a guide, a guide to connecting to a VPN

During the training you have the opportunity to keep track of the number of points you earn, and at the end of the training you will receive a full score report.

Take advantage of the free, on-demand demo training today by clicking on the button! You will receive an invitation to your email address with all the instructions you need to get started. Nothing could be simpler!

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