Cyber Security Training

Without practical training, your cybersecurity team will be less effective in protecting your business and responding quickly to threats.

As part of the training, simulated cyber-attacks are carried out. We have prepared training scenarios for specialists at various skill levels, so that your employees are prepared in the best possible way when the time comes to react.

You can also use training without buying a cyber range CDeX.


Benefitsof Training

Types of training

Blue Team vs Red Team Training

Two teams, realistic network environment, and… a battle is about to begin. Increase the competence of your employees by placing them in the middle of a dirty fight for the security of your ICT infrastructure. Two human teams of adversaries – attackers and defenders – face off in cyberspace and must get creative to defeat the other side. Why? Because hackers do not play by the book. Scenarios based on real attack vectors and vulnerabilities prepare security personnel to protect business better than ever before.

Defensive team (Blue Team) has the task of recognize and counteract cyber-attacks, maintain the availability and security of core services, according to the assumed training scenario.

Offensive team (Red Team) – attacks the Blue Team’s infrastructure, using techniques, tactics and tools used in real-world attacks. Red Team can be both our CDeX experts or your team members.

The training is supervised by the White Team (CDeX experts and coaches), whose task is to evaluate the teams’ progress.


Benefits of Blue Team vs Red Team training

Automated Training

When you need to train individual people or a very small team, automatic training can be the best solution. The user learns how to detect and counter threats based on ready-made scenarios faithfully reproducing realistic cyber-attacks on the web.

Automated training allows the user to focus on a selected cyber issue. Thank to this, training participants can perfect their specific subset of skills that are necessary for the security of their organizations. With Automated training businesses can set up a continuous learning system and evaluate team performance over time.


Benefits of Automated training

Who are the trainings for?

Cyber Security Training FAQ

The terms refer to teams taking part in a cyber security training. Blue Team is a defensive team, that is most often composed of IT security specialists of a given company. Their purpose is, among other things, to recognize and defeat a simulated cyber-attack. Red Team is an offensive team, that consists of IT security specialists from a given company or CDeX experts. Their purpose is to attack the Blue Team’s infrastructure. White Team is a ‘referee’ team, that consists of cyber security experts hose task is to assess the progress of Blue Team and Red Team

Both types of training improve the level of competence in cyber security, but they do it in a different way. The automatic training is based on a ready-to-use scenario, prepared on the basis of the most popular attacks and focusing on a specific cyber security issue. A single user can take part in a given training many times, watching their gradual progress. The training is structured and provides access to extensive theoretical materials to help complete the knowledge. Blue vs Red training is mainly a team training, during which the offensive team carries out a planned attack and reacts on an ongoing basis to the defensive team’s response. A real cyber threat situation makes every training unique. This type of training is a big challenge for users, as it requires broad knowledge and skills, as well as good cooperation of the defensive team, i.e. Blue Team. If you don’t know what type of training is best for your organization, please contact us – we will help you choose the optimal solution.

Using our DEMO allows you to get to know the CDeX platform free of charge by participating in an automatic training based on the Capture the Flag scenario. The training scenario focuses on the key features of the CDeX platform. It presents the uset with a set of various tasks in the area of IT security. Exercises include: investigative analysis of the supplied log file, an attempt to stop a live attack aimed at one of the machines, and other tasks typical of the CTF format. When we receive your application form, we will contact you and set a convenient date for your DEMO training, fully remote and free of charge.

The trainings offered on the platform are dedicated to users of different levels – from novice to advanced. The wide range of available scenarios, tested on various (commercial, state and education sectors) groups, and different roles one can play during training, allow CDeX to be an excellent tool at all skill levels.

The platform works entirely in a cloud. Access to CDeX is fully remote, from anywhere in the world. The only requirement is a secure internet connection. Other training variables can be adjusted by training administrators.