Social Engineering Tests

People can be the strongest or the weakest link in your defence. Assess your crew and their current state of preparation against external attacks and malicious actors.

Even the most advanced technological solutions are vulnerable when your staff do not understand how to resist external attacks.

Mirroring a real attack, social engineering tests are aimed at gaining unauthorized access to data, confidential information, passwords, systems, users or rooms by precisely planned manipulation. These tests highlight employees’ knowledge and skills in complying with your corporate security policies, common-sense practices when communicating digitally, and their vigilance towards social engineering attack.


During testing, we use techniques effective in the world of cybercrime, such as:

  • phishing
  • baiting
  • link scam
  • pretexting
  • role-playing
  • brute force

Particular social engineering tests can apply to all employees of the company, specific departments or individuals.


Our research is always preceded by Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT), during which we collect data about the company from publicly available sources. We use many different communication channels:

  • e-mail
  • social media
  • phone calls
  • physical data carriers
  • direct conversations

The information collected in this way can improve the effectiveness of our attack, thanks to a better adjustment of the test scenario to a specific situation.

Social engineering tests benefits:
  • Raise employees’ cybersecurity awareness
  • Improve your team's resilience to social engineering attacks
  • Get to know social engineering attack methods in your industry
  • Quantitative evaluation of the vulnerability of workers to attacks using social engineering
  • Find weak spots in communication and company procedures
  • Actionable conclusions for the training of computer system users
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