Cyber Security Services

We effectively support international companies and institutions in protecting their assets against malicious cyber-attacks.

Find out how we can strength your company’s IT security.

Cooperation step by step

Delivered through effective collaboration and understanding your needs from the outset.
Within an environment of mutual partnership and trust, we agree a detailed strategy plan and share the outcomes to inform how you can improve security.

Contact us
Getting to know
your needs and the subject of the tests
Free offer preparation with a quote
Signing a contract
Test kick-off
meeting/Meeting beginning tests
Threat modelling
Proper tests
Preparation and submission
of the report
Content of the report:
  • Concise summary for the management board
  • Description of the work performedt
  • Tools and methodologies used
  • Detailed technical description of each of the detected vulnerabilities along with the steps needed to reproduce
  • Remediation plan

Your detailed remediation plan will highlight the changes you can make to easily improve the security of your company. To maximize the effectiveness and streamline implementation, we set short-, medium- and long-term goals. You can refer to the report and ask us to clarify details whenever you want. But a report is not enough, so we will re-test your systems to verify that the changes are working as planned and the vulnerabilities eliminated.


CDeX security team consists of experts with many years of experience in the field of cybersecurity. The team has unique competences in selected specialities, supported by numerous certificates, which allows us to provide services at the highest level.



Cyber Security Services FAQ

What are the pentests?

A penetration test (pentest) is a controlled attack on applications, systems or network infrastructures. It provides a practical assessment of the current security situation. During testing, we also verify whether a given vulnerability carries an immediate threat and can be exploited by a potential attacker.

What is the difference between scanning for vulnerability and pentesting?

Vulnerability scanning uses advanced tools, like a vulnerability scanner or a set of such scanners. If an activity is carried out in volume for a large number of targets, it may omit some vulnerabilities, and does not include a stage for verifying whether a given vulnerability is usable. Penetration tests are less automated, performed manually by a specialist for a specific case. This makes them more time consuming, but also more accurate and appropriate in assessing potential vulnerabilities.

How long do the security tests last?

The length of the tests depends on their scope and can be adjusted to Client needs. Basic tests last several days and show the most crucial weaknesses. More extensive tests, covering the entire organisation, can take up to several weeks.

Do I need security tests if my company bought an expensive product 'XYZ'?

Purchasing a tool alone will not solve all the customer's problems. Proper implementation of the solution as well as its correct, coordinated use by everyone is very important. We can verify whether the product actually improves functional safety during security tests.

What is the end result of the performed security tests?

The result of our work is a detailed final report (prepared in Polish or English version), which we present at the concluding meeting at the customer's premises. It consists of a summary, a detailed description of the performed work, vulnerabilities found, ways of recreating them and checking their occurrence, as well as a list of recommendations for implementation. We also offer additional consultations and an option of re-testing detected vulnerabilities.

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