Cyber Range Platform

The threat of a cyber-attack on your organization increases every day.

You don’t have to stand by. Prepare your team for it, enabling them to experience an attack in controlled conditions of the CDeX (Cyber Defence eXercise Platform) cybernetic training range. Security professionals can train in a realistic environment to detect and respond to real threats - and protect your business better.

Key benefits

Technical Features
  • 24/7 worldwide access to the platform
  • On-premise installation (preparation in max 5 days) or in the cloud (in 30 minutes)
  • Flexible and scalable working environment
Business and Management
  • A comprehensive assessment and motivation tool
  • Support for skills development and teamwork
  • Continuous monitoring of the team's knowledge and capabilitie
Cyber Security
  • Testing new solutions and modifications in a safe environment
  • Operational training on cyber security
  • Improving technical skills, communication, and team procedures

Available models

CDeX Cloud
Easy and immediate remote access to training prepared by our experts for users of different proficiency levels. Log in to CDeX, customize your training schedule to suit your organization's needs and practice cyber-attack resistance using a wide range of training scenarios.
Why choose cloud?
  • Convenient access to the platform, without the need to install any software
  • Trainings available at any time of day, from any location
  • Various ready-to-use training scenarios and a report on the post-training performance
  • Fast preparation of the training environment (in 30 minutes)
  • Cost-optimal for short-term use of the platform (e.g. for single training e.g. Blue Team vs Red Team or automatic trainings)
CDeX On-premise
Show the team how to think like an adversary who is facing the security and probes your organization for vulnerabilities. Customize your training environment fully, including the network infrastructure and tools used in your company, so that training thoroughly simulates real-life threats.
Why choose on-premise?
  • Full control over the platform and data
  • Creating original training scenarios, modifying and automating the trainings available on the platform
  • The ability to expand the infrastructure in order to increase the number of concurrent training sessions
  • Connect physical devices using plug-in cards or Ethernet network connections to use in training scenarios
  • Cost-optimal for frequent use (lower price per unit)

Our recipients

Security services
Government Offices
Critical sector
ICT industry
Petrochemical Industry
Banking and Finances
Individual Experts

Cyber Range FAQ

What types of cyber range installation do you offer?

The cyber range platform is offered in two models: CDeX Cloud, which operates fully remotely, and CDeX On-premise, which requires software installation at the customer's premises. For details on deployment models, please see the section above or contact us.

What is the cost of purchasing the cyber range platform?

CDeX - in both On-premise and cloud versions - is customizable and priced individually. Contact our specialist to discuss your organization's needs and to provide you with an optimal solution.

What types of training are offered on the cyber range platform?

There are two main types of trainings: Team training (Blue Team vs Red Team) taking place in a complex network infrastructure, simulating the network of a model company. At the Client's request, our specialists can participate as the Red Team (attackers), and test your team preparedness in battle. We provide technical support throughout the entire training process. Automated Training, aimed at a single user and based on ready-to-use automated attack scenarios. This option allows your team members to practice individually, from anywhere they choose. For more information on trainings, see the TRAININGS tab.

Will CDeX show my network vulnerabilities?

No. CDeX is a cybernetic training range where advanced simulations are performed in order to improve the skills of IT security experts in your company. You can learn more about our cyber security services, which include penetration testing, IT security consultancy, real-time network protection and monitoring and more.

What can CDeX do for my business?

The platform allows you to: Develop professional competencies of the cyber security team effectively through interactive solutions Improve your organization resilience and lower its cyber-risk by gaining actionable knowledge Improve the team’s cooperation and communication through realistic, complex training scenarios Compare candidate and employee skills in tough situations

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